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New: 2011 Yamaha XC125



The Vity combines city practicality with economy, taking the strain out of your daily commute. Vity benefits from Yamaha's expertise in 4-stroke single cylinder engine design, and combines performance, refinement and...more

New: 2011 Yamaha YW125



All new YW125 BeeWee offers power and punch Yamaha’s funky BeeWee scooter has received a radical makeover turning from a quirky caterpillar to a new butterfly for 2012.The new model YW125 benefits from Yamaha's exper...more

New: 2011 Yamaha YP400



Majesty sports a new look headlight, sleek fairing design and style. Majesty’s lively powerplant is as punchy as it is economical, and matched with a low centre of gravity and high level mega-scooter suspension and b...more

New: 2013 Yamaha XP530



Opening a new chapter in the sports scooter book, the TMAX 530 grabs attention like never before. Beneath the aggressive new fairing, a radically redesigned aluminium chassis and 530cc engine provide the new TMAX 530...more

New: 2013 Yamaha XV250



The latest incarnation of the perennially popular 250cc V-twin is fitted with a flat type handlebar mounted on bar risers to improve the comfort and handling characteristics of the smallest Star cruiser. Yamaha’s Vir...more

New: 2013 Yamaha XVS650



Plenty of attitude in a surprisingly lean and low package - priced to leave more room in your pocketbook to express yourself with cool Custom Star Accessories. Now there's no reason to settle for less than a real Sta...more

New: 2013 Yamaha XVS650A



Express yourself wisely We know you don't have to be a heavyweight to express yourself. The way we see it, this Classic has all the Star quality and strong-running V-twin performance you want. It's up to you to say t...more

New: 2011 Yamaha XVS950A



Light touch… Heavy hit. The sleek new 950 takes cruiser development to a sporty new level. Beyond the traditional air-cooled exterior you’ll find fuel injection, four-valve cylinder heads, ceramic-composite-lined cyl...more

New: 2013 Yamaha XVS1300A



No substitute for poniesThe most powerful V-Star we make - eighty cubic inches of fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, belt-driven Yamaha muscle. The rest of the package is equally serious; a 48% front tyre weighting, and s...more

New: 2013 Yamaha XVS1300AT



The XVS1300AT Star Tourer is based on the existing liquid cooled XVS1300A with the addition of genuine Yamaha hard luggage, backrest and touring windscreen. The practical Star Tourer is set for two-up long distance t...more

New: 2011 Yamaha XVS1900A



Inspired by the 1930s Streamliner Moderne style, Yamaha’s XV1900 Roadliner uses the oldest form to create the freshest look in classic cruiser styling. An exquisite merging of old and new, the Roadliner mates traditi...more

New: 2011 Yamaha XVS1900AT



The new Star Tourer offers neostreamline style with the ability to cruise long distances in comfort. With max torque reached at just 2500rpm, the Star Tourer lopes along totally unstressed on a whiff of throttle. Lon...more

New: 2012 Yamaha YZF-R15



With all the ‘R’ hallmarks, the YZF-R15 will appeal to riders keen to own a piece of race bred heritage. And with a high level of user friendliness, the R15 will also appeal to riders who need to ride a motorcycle ev...more

New: 2013 Yamaha YZF-R152.0



The 2013 YZF-R15 - also known as the Version 2.0 - is based on the current model but has undergone an extensive revamp. The liquid cooled, fuel injected four-stroke has been transformed by a restyle to move it closer...more

New: 2013 Yamaha XJ6NL



A highly contemporary motorcycle concept dripping with the kind of style, sense of fun and sheer riding pleasure that today’s middleweight rider expects, Yamaha’s XJ6 is a dynamic and agile new player. With a riding ...more